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Current Article

Black Clergy Condemn President Obama

Sep 25th, 2012 by James Breedlove | 0

Recent media reports headlining black clergy efforts to persuade black voters to not support the re-election of President Barack Obama have become a hot topic issue.

The real issue is: Why is same-sex marriage being identified as a top priority topic for discussion in the black community less than 45 days prior to the presidential election?

Do the black pastors who are so aggressively promoting their anti-Obama agenda in prime time venues such as the National Press Club or on CNN really believe the gay controversy that has been a religious and political hot potato for so many decades would become less relevant on November 7th?

Perhaps a civics refresher lesson on the president’s key constitutional duties would remind the misguided black clergy that many of the issues thrust into the presidential campaign dialogue have no direct relationship to these duties but are used as emotional foils to divide and conquer. continue reading » »